This Is Not Your Average “Lady” Conference

Not that there’s anything wrong with those.

But this isn’t one of them.

Retreats are great – they can be a ton of fun with some great learning and experiences.

I love getting out of my environment and filling my spongy brain with new things.

But a lot of the ones I’ve been to are too short, too shallow, too… temporary.

The idea for Vibrant Woman 2017 came out of all the women I see in my practice that are echoing the same ache.

Somewhere along the way – in career, coupling, family, uncoupling, parenting, and personal growth… they got lost.

Or confused.

Auto-pilot kicked in and they ended up cruising through sometimes decades of their life feeling like everything they were doing was for someone else. Or everyone else.

When I see them for symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of focus and energy, insomnia, psychosomatic complaints, and relationship issues I recommend a multidisciplinary approach.

I work with their dysregulated overwhelmed nervous systems – that’s my specialty.

But they need more.

These women are needing to reclaim their lives – the essence of who they once were to feel vibrant, satisfied, passionate, and excited about their lives again.

I refer them to other experts to help.

But in the busyness of their current overwhelmed lives – they struggle to try new things, see new people, and get momentum started. 

So they improve but not near as quickly and completely as the women who grab onto this as ferociously as a multimillion dollar project and run with it full force.

Those women transform. Heal. Are revolutionized in their resilience and in their joy.

So I created Vibrant Woman to be different than the women’s conferences I’ve been to.

I wanted to extract women from their lives for a few days. Giving them ample time to enjoy and trek through a beautiful place (like San Diego), and bringing these experts to them. To speak to an intimate group up close and personal. To give them tools they can practice in the moment and tools that will help them implement at home. To give them a network of supportive experts and peers to help give these changes and information longevity in their lives.

It really is a whole-life intensive. 

And I couldn’t have it any other way. Not if I really wanted women to dig into their lives and fiercely reclaim their love for it.

This won’t be painful and serious. It should be intense but in the stimulating way that new energy for growth is.

I’m talking about the ground breaking unearthing that happens when a hundred lightbulb moments go off in your brain with new information that makes sense, that explains why you feel the way you feel and that gives you SOLUTIONS – immediate tools to implement for lasting change.

Included in our expert line up are trailblazers in their fields for women’s health, focus, and energy, Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC, and Anthony DiClementi.

And I’m one of just 13 SRT (Self Regulation Therapy) therapists in the US and the top 5% of therapists in my field (including the top 1% in this modality in the world). And my cohost Tanya with The Manifesto Co. and I are introducing more experts to you soon.

Lasting health and wellbeing. Lasting focus and productivity.

This conference will revolutionize how you operate in every area of your life and will change your work, your relationships, and your sense of self in the ways you’ve been looking and hoping for.

I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t go to a fluffy retreat or conference at this point in my life. I can do that myself.

I want you to have an experience that will change your life by bringing in experts from all over the continent to share new information for each key area of your life.

When I say you deserve it – I mean it. We all do.

Get on board here…

by Tara Miller

Psychotherapist & writer. Helping you live your fullest life using neuroscience based SRT (Self Regulation Therapy). Specializing in general and trauma therapy.

6 thoughts on “This Is Not Your Average “Lady” Conference

  1. Daniel Olexa, CCHt says:

    This looks like a fantastic event. Giving attendees the tools to step out of the day-to-day, short-term focus mode so that they can reconnect with their purpose and create resilience will create a powerful shift of mindset.

  2. Gary Dashney says:

    Indeed, it does look like it’s going to be a fantastic conference, Tara. San Diego is in the next state over from Arizona, where I live. If I feel the earth shake, I will know why and where it came from!

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